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About Green Champions


Green Champions is a not-for-profit, equal opportunities, initiative designed to reduce youth unemployment in the UK. 


It works by encouraging organisations to take on youths as Trainee Facilities Managers, “Green Champions”.


Green Champions identify practical solutions to reduce the environmental impact within large buildings. These solutions cost little or nothing to implement and target a reduction in the use of resources such as energy, paper and water.

Rather than approaching welfare to work service firms, this is a direct appeal to organisations all across the UK public, private and third sector− to join this scheme and help reduce youth unemployment.

One of the programme’s key features is that it operates on a cost-neutral basis. This is achieved by the cost of recruiting a Green Champion being offset by the resource savings they can bring and through the application of the appropriate tax:  

NB- The above illustration would be dependable on the size and scale of your organisation

5 Reasons To Recruit a Green Champion


Cost Neutral

Organisations across the UK are already under financial strain, but times are also hard for unemployed youths which is why this initiative has been designed to be cost-neutral.

This means the cost of providing a Green Champion salary will be offset by two factors:

  1. Energy savings from waste-cutting practices implemented, and
  2. Organisation money that would otherwise be earmarked for tax

Improve a Youth’s Prospects

Taking on a Green Champion not only gives a youth a job, it enhances their life prospects as a whole.

By providing invaluable work experience and employability skills you are giving a youth a solid platform for their career and avoiding the scarring effects of long-term unemployment.


Social Responsibility

Participation in Green Champions will be a boost for your organisation’s public image as this initiative ticks all boxes:

  • Reduce youth unemployment in your area
  • Provide youths with relevant training in an increasingly significant field
  • Reduce your organisation’s environmental impact
  • Help in the fight against climate change

Prepare for Rising Energy Prices

Over the next few years the UK government will be reforming the energy market to provide low-carbon electricity. This involves a Carbon Tax, as seen in Australia, in April 2013 where companies can pay as much as 10% of their profit.

By employing a Green Champion to focus on energy efficiency your organisation will be preparing for rising costs by reducing consumption.



Taking on a Green Champion will help reduce your organisation’s environmental impact by striving towards sustainability.

This is achieved by your Green Champion focussing to reduce:

    • Energy Consumption
    • Water Use
    • Paper Consumption
    • Waste Generation
Become a Green Champions

Become a Green Champion

Green Champions is an initiative that is:


Socially Responsible 


Cost Neutral          


As such this is a great opportunity for your organisation to engage in a unique campaign, addressing real issues, involving real people, and making a real difference.

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